A Thank You Note From Sarah and Tony

Anyone who would like the best pictures possible with a photographer who is enthusiastic, positive and always flexible, you need to call Jay and Cindy Curley. They are both wonderful people and they know what they are doing. Not only do they take wonderful pictures, always finding the perfect angle, light and positions, but also they provide you with a plethora of options. During the photo shoots, they take a great deal of pictures so you have many to choose from and the packages are reasonable and practical. They are also very flexible and are willing to work with you whatever your circumstances. What you desire they will work into a package for you. They are both wonderful photographers, people and I would use them again anytime. My engagement and wedding pictures are absolutely wonderful and I am beyond thankful to them for capturing one of the most important moments in my and my husband’s lives! -Sarah‎ and Tony Swaim

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